Connie Hall & Eric Dusitermars

CONNIE HALL ~ Since 1998, I've been  dedicated to online business solutions & emerging social mediums as a professional web designer.  I have the education, life experience, and a flair for business and the knowledge to assist folks not only to get online, but to get noticed.  I maintain the knowledge of the necessary content and multimedia formats needed to create and manage your digital assets. Take a look at my portfolio and let the work I have done speak for itself.

  • University of Redlands, MBA
  • Walden University, MS


ERIC DUISTERMARS ~My business partner is Software Architect Eric Dusitermars. Together, we create amazing things for small businesses, charter schools, chamber of commerce's, realtors, and political candidates, just to name a few.  Eric has an educated background in software development and combined with my eye for design, we make a smart & trendy team.  Eric creates software that enables your business to stay ahead of the electronic curve by providing data driven websites, pay systems, uploading capabilities by the customer, and a host of other features that will have you standing out from the rest.

  • San Diego State University, BA /Information Systems

CONTACT: 951-325-3381